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Open Source financial infrastructure will make the world more consensual, fair, just, inclusive, transparent & innovative.



Miko is a General Partner with gCC Gumi Cryptos Capital, a Silicon Valley investment fund with over $500M in assets including early-stage investments in unicorns like OpenSea, Yield Guild Games, VEGA Protocol, Agoric, Astar and 1Inch Network.

Miko fell in love with open source software 25 years ago as chief Developer Evangelist for the Java Programming Language and Platform at Sun Microsystems. Since then he has been building open source software startups in Silicon Valley including raising over $50 million in venture capital for developer platform companies such as Gradle and financial infrastructure companies like Hazelcast and has participated in multiple exits including INFRAVIO, webMethods, and Db4O.

Miko has been a guest instructor at Stanford, a guest lecturer at Yale University’s and a speaker at the Wharton School Cypher Accelerator. He has also spoken at blockchain industry events such as Coindesk Consensus, ETH Denver, and is a founder of San Francisco’s oldest crypto meetup, Crypto Underground.

He is a board member or advisor in successful startups like IntoTheBlock (algorithmic trading), LIT Protocol (NFT Access Control) and KEYLESS (ID infrastructure). He holds a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Yale University where he worked on abstract computational neural networks. 


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Anyone on the fence about attending a conference, if Miko is there makes it definitely makes it worth the effort. He is by far one of the most visionary and perceptive leaders in this space. I don’t believe there is anyone else who groks the opportunities of blockchain as he does.

Miko is of the most gifted speakers that I have had the pleasure of learning from. He has a unique methodology of simplifying complicated concepts to cater to his audience. He is an adept in understanding how to convey content, so that his lectures are engaging through and through. He is very personable, well regarded amongst his peers, and is a dedicated hard worker. His mindfulness and initiative to help others is why why he is a prominent thought leader in his industry

If you want to know about what Blockchain driven Planet will look like, just ask Miko!  He has all of the answers, as well as many interesting anecdotes regarding his experiences on the road to getting there.

Seoul to host World Knowledge Forum next month

There will be 200 speakers, including former UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon, Crypto Exchange founder Miko Matsumura, Nobel Peace laureate Kawasaki Akira and Estonia’s President Kersti Kaljulaid.

Your presentation this week ROCKED. Loved it. Was so inspired by your “toes in the water” concept. Thanks for the amazing insight.

Miko was perhaps first true digital evangelist I have seen in action. He is still a master of the art — always bringing original insight, humor and a genuine connection between the complexities of the technical world and real business and consumer applications any audience can relate to.

I attended Miko’s first Talks on Webservices and cloud in Boston and NY Cloud Expo, 10 years back, and was instantly attracted to his combination of technology vision, articulation of complex scenarios and insights on why the shift. Have followed him since, and become a better leader along the way….

“I was lucky early in my career to get to see Miko speak at a company event. He was our CTO, and this was really my first time attending a big corporate rah-rah event. It was great listening to him. It was evident that he knew what he was talking about, but was also able to engage with the audience in a meaningful way. It lead me to change the direction of my career.”

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